Scrum 101

Welcome to Scrum!

I’ve written a series of articles on how to get started with Scrum, what you need, what you don’t need and where to go for further information.

  • Just starting out in Scrum? Read this…
    I started this site to help people who’ve been in a similar […]
  • How to estimate with Story Points
    Are you new to estimating with story points and want a quick introduction on how to do it? Do you currently use time based estimates and you want to try a different way? Or maybe you’ve been estimating with story points for a while and just wanted to see how someone else is doing it?
  • Example: Painting with Story Points (Part 1)
    Using a team of painters working for a fictional company called “Paint by Points Ltd”, I aim to help you understand how story points can be used to estimate how long something will take to complete.
  • Example: Painting with Story Points (Part 2)
    In part 2, I’ll bring in the concept of team retrospectives and how improving the team performance can be used to finish a large piece of work earlier.
  • How to run… A Daily Standup
    Today, we focus on the daily stand up, a meeting held every day to ensure the whole team is aligned towards completing the sprint goal.
  • How to run… A Team Retrospective
    The Team Retrospective is one of the most valuable Scrum meetings and has one clear purpose, to identify at least one improvement that will be enacted during the next sprint. In this article, we’ll get you started on how to run a great Team Retrospective
  • How to run… Sprint Planning
    Today we tackle how to run the Sprint Planning meeting. It’s a tough cookie to get right; but this article should help get you started on the path to success.
  • How to run… Sprint Review
    The purpose of the sprint review meeting is to ensure that we have an updated product backlog before we start the next sprint. We need to take some time to make sure we are building the right thing and heading in the right direction.
  • How to run… Backlog Refinement
    This article will help you get started with how to run backlog refinement; the art of making your product backlog ready for development!
  • A typical 2 week sprint calendar
    In this article, we look at when scrum meetings occur in a typical 2 week sprint. In fact, this is the exact setup I use for one of my scrum teams. I hope it helps you plan your upcoming sprints.
  • How important are your bugs?
    As with all software development, you are almost certainly going to encounter bugs in your code, so how important are your bugs? And how do you decide when to fix them? This article describes one simple method for how to incorporate bug fixes into your agile development process.
  • Agile Batman Reading List
    I love to constantly learn, and one of the ways to do […]
  • Scrum Guide 2020 update – what’s changed?
    It’s Scrum’s 25th birthday, and I managed to get a spot on the Scrum Guide 2020 update webinar! We heard from speakers Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber, J.J Sutherland, Dave West, Avi Schneier and Don McGreal. Here are my top ten takeaways Id like to share with you from the event:
  • Using Mentimeter for Sprint Retrospectives
    As a Scrum Master, I use a variety of different tools to […]
  • Agile Batman — The journey of a Scrum Master
    I’d like to introduce you to the purpose of Agile Batman. The reason I write, what you can expect to see in my future stories and how I can help you improve and be a better Scrum Master.

Stephen Waring
Stephen Waring

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