Using Mentimeter for Sprint Retrospectives

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As a Scrum Master, I use a variety of different tools to help facilitate Sprint retrospectives. In this article, I’d like to specifically show you how I use Mentimeter to quickly gather data from the teams whilst working remotely. Icebreaker I always start with an ice breaker. I use a variety of different ice breaking […]


Agile Batman Reading List

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I love to constantly learn, and one of the ways to do that is to read LOTS. So I figured I’d share with you all the wonderful books I’ve read in a new section of my site called “Reading List”. If you have any suggestions, or really enjoyed something on that list, just let me […]


How important are your bugs?

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As with all software development, you are almost certainly going to encounter bugs in your code, so how important are your bugs? And how do you decide when to fix them?

This article describes one simple method for how to incorporate bug fixes into your agile development process.


Measure team performance with a sprint score

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n this article we review how to measure team performance with a sprint score. The primary measure of progress for a scrum team is “working software”, however, by using some basic empirical data, you can get a quick overview on how your teams are doing in general. Armed with this data, you can decide as a team what to improve next.